Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I realised I haven't posted anything I've made for ages... here's a selection of my recent crocheting efforts. I've been enjoying making things for my family and people I know more than the shop lately, but I'm getting a few Spring-related ideas for the shop too... better get busy!


As promised Caroline! :)

Friday, 15 August 2008

Before and After....

Look how hideous X's hair was this morning! Definitely time for his first ever haircut. I didn't even feel sad... just so glad to say goodbye to the horrible fuzz-mullet. He was terrified of the scissors, poor bloke, so it's not quite as even as I would have liked, but I think he looks very handsome!

Monday, 11 August 2008

A good weekend :)

Having just endured a really tough week we decided (well I did, but J kindly went along with it!) to head up the coast for a night. We went to a place at Marcoola and it was so amazingly wonderful to get out of our house! It's really not relaxing going anywhere with kids, but we had alot of fun. Poor Xander has really got much sicker though. He had a really rough day on Sunday poor thing.

Another good thing... J's mum is home from the UK! She came over last night and the kids had a wonderful time getting re-acquainted. Such fun!

You know you're having fun when.....

.... your morning begins with being vomitted on. *Sigh* What a week. Last Sunday JJ we called an ambulance because JJ had such bad stomache pains, and she was really sick all week (still pretty sick today too :( ) and Xander came down with it on Thurs night. Thought he was getting over it but he got much worse over the weekend. We're having about as fun a time as you'd imagine.

Oh, and the car broke down on Wed and had to be towed and fixed (although that all worked out really well because Mum came to the rescue and ferried us around ... thanks Mum!). A week to remember!