Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Dinosaur Museum!

On Easter Saturday we went to the DINOSAUR MUSEUM (yes it has to be in capitals, it's THAT exciting!). It has taken me over a week to post about it, possibly because I've had to wait until the trauma of some parts of the adventure are not too fresh. Let me summarise...

* Unpacked travelling circus and waited at train station until it became apparent that the trains weren't running.
* Repacked travelling circus and drove nice strange lady to another train station so she wasn't too late for work (I didn't offer her any lollies so it was ok for her to get in my car).
* Unpacked and waited again.
* Train trip - very exciting (for some of us)
* Saw some friends on the train - very nice surprise
* Some kind of electrical something or other exploded off the walls of the whale mall, causing small people to run shrieking for their lives.
* Met Lynn at museum
*Museum was INSANELY busy
* Kids had a great time digging for dino bones and making plasticine dinos

* We saw a truly.... amazing.... dinosaur song show, complete with a velociraptor hip hop song. Yikes.
* Picnic lunch next to scenic fountain
* Xander fell INTO the scenic fountain
* Detour to art gallery to dry X off and cobble together a new outfit out of jumpers and his baby sister's clothes
* Deep breaths for me
* More dino activities
* Hasty dash for the train home
* Train station employee actually laughed at me as I arrived (we did look quite a sight.. Xander in the pram (wet shoes), Miri asleep in the backpack, pram brimming with assorted belongings.
* Made it to the train with about 20 secs to spare ... thanks God... don't think I would have enjoyed another wait at another train station!

It was a really fun day and the kids were great. I'm just not sure I want to repeat it any time soon!


Ugh, what a yucky couple of weeks. We've all been sick, sick sick and now poor little M is really under the weather with a delightful virus / ear infection combo. The last few days have been very .... difficult, so I'm posting some pictures to remind me that she is actually a very cute, sweet child. Xander prayed tonight that she would "stop whimpering and crying so much"! Poor girl.