Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fun stuff

A couple of fun things we've done lately.... the pics are from a picnic in the backyard that the kids and I had the other day (Tues). It was a teddy bears' picnic (according to JJ) but most of the stuffed toys who came along weren't of the bear variety. "Cassowowwy" is a big favourite with both kids, so he/she was there along with Jemima and Monkey and quite a few others... I was surprised JJ could carry them all downstairs!

Yesterday the kids and mum and I had an outing to the Art Gallery... although we didn't actually end up inside the Art Gallery at any point. It was too much bother when we tried to explain to JJ that we were actually going to the State Library (which obviously sounded much more boring to her) so the Art Gallery it was! Not that she'd know the difference anyway! We walked from Southbank to the State Library (and back) and I don't think JoJo stopped talking for more than 2 seconds. She wants to know what EVERY SINGLE SIGN says and why - it was great to have mum there to share the burden of the constant explanations!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Sleeping beauty...

We had a great day on Saturday - went up to Caboolture for Gran's 75th b'day morning tea. The kids really enjoyed it - X went straight to sleep in the car, which of course meant no more sleep that afternoon! We had Zahri's birthday party in the afternoon/evening, which was terrific, but we had 2 shockingly overtired kids at the end of it! X couldn't even stand up by about 7 pm!

Some recent pics...

We all went to Zahri's 4th birthday party on Saturday - it was a fancy dress do, so JJ wanted to go as a cat. A couple of hastily sewn ears and a furry pink tail and she assured me she was the "bestest cat in the whole wide world". I wish I was so easily pleased!

Xander's sense of personal hygiene is quite advanced for a 19 month old - in this pic he's putting deodorant on his tummy!

I just had to get a pic of JJ playing shadow puppets - it looked so dramatic!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another kind-of happy birthday!

My apologies for my moralistic ravings about "not pushing your friends" at the end - I can't work out how to trim the end off! (And he does need to learn not to push his friends.... I'm sure he'd never push his Aunty Caroline!).

Monday, 21 July 2008

Happy Birthday Aunty Caroline... sort of!

Long time no blog

Things have been hectic in the Cloud 9 household - J has been working working working and it's all been far too busy for blogging!

What else has been happening... let me think.
We've had a few really fun meals / social whatsits with people. Dinner with D and S last Saturday, brunch with D and S (a different D and S!!) before church on Sun and then afternoon tea / dinner with our bible study group on Sun afternoon. Busy weekend, but lots of fun.

Jeremy spent most of Saturday trying to Xander-proof our deck, with Dad's help. They've made it through the design stage - just have to find time to actually do the cutting, drilling etc. Poor Dad was pretty sick, but the 2 of them still managed to come up with a great solution to the problem of X trying to Kamikaze off the deck.

We also recently went to our little mate Luka's 3rd birthday party. Luka is the proud part owner of what must be the largest trampoline in the Southern Hemisphere, so a very bouncy time was had by all. I also got covered in chocolate icing courtesy of Mr X, who was trying to imitate Daddy's facial hair by rubbing his face in the cake. X really enjoyed the party, no doubt partly because it incuded both of his food groups: "chocolate cake" and "not chocolate cake".

JJ has been very easy lately. She is obsessed with signs - I sure didn't realise how many roadsigns there were on your average road until JJ decided she needs to know what each one says, and why. She told Jeremy the other day that Puppet Cat and Fairy Princess are cousins. Apparently they both want skipping ropes, but because PC is just a baby she says "I wog tit..tit skipping rope"! Just like Xander!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Yesterday afternoon we made some fingerpaint and the kids had a ball making a huge mess with it! X isn't really that keen on having messy hands (strangely) but he had fun painting and eating the fingerpaint!


The other day (Friday?) Xander learnt how to say "yes" if he's asked a question (instead of "no" to everything). Hearing "Do you love mummy?"...."Yes!" is very sweet! He's also really starting to put sentences together. The other night he said "Bubby woggit mooka" (bubby wants milk!) which would have been cuter if it wasn't 12:30 am. He always says "Wogga.... TIT!" (want it) whenever he wants something!

JoJo made me laugh the other day when she was talking about the nursery rhyme "where is Thumbkin" which she calls "where is Funkin".... it sounds like it should be the name of a hip hop song or something!