Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More kid stuff

This is one of Miri's favourite silly faces :)

Miri is absolutely obsessed with climbing stairs at the moment - lots of fun for her, lots of stress for me!

Xander was given a red 4 yr old sized bike for Christmas, but he is not very interested in riding it - he'd much prefer Joanna's, which is very pink and far too big for him!

Now that we have our new super camera, the kids are allowed to use our old compact. We bought the camera just before Joanna was born so we could take photos of our kids - now they can just do it themselves and cut out the middle man / mum!

Joanna turned 6 yesterday!! (It was also the first day of school!) She is growing up into such a lovely girl - it's a real delight to have her in our family.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some pics from the museum...


The kids had a terrific time with their cousin Jarvis, who is only two months younger than Xander. We'll miss him!

Our first visit to see Roger. Believe it or not, this was the best one of the group overall!


We have just got back from a 10 day trip to Melbourne. It was a strange trip... lots of fun for much of the time, but very difficult and sad in others. I won't bore you by going on and on about it...I'll give you best and worst 3 things and then post some of my favourite pics from the trip.

Best 3 things:

1. Doing fun holiday things with the kids. Gluten free fish and chips and gelati rated very high, as did riding on trams and buses and seeing the Disney exhibition at ACMI.

2. Spending time in the evenings with Jeremy - this is a luxury for us at the moment unfortunately!

3. Walking alot every day - my sore back feels SO much better!

Worst 3 things:

1. Finding out that Jeremy's dad has a very short time left to live. This wasn't exactly a shock, but it made it our goodbyes on Saturday extra difficult.

2. Accidentally leaving the camera at home (in Brisbane).... yes we left the camera AT HOME!! Jeremy's dad lent us his little compact camera so we did get a few pictures but I was disappointed not to get to use the new camera.

3. The terrible floods that happened in Queensland the week we were away. It was really surreal watching it all on TV - not that we would have seen much actual flooding if we'd stayed, since our area is pretty much unaffected.