Friday, 22 October 2010

Still breathing... I think.

No posts for a very long time here - that either means I've gone and got a real life, or that little miss M has decided that sleeping is for pathetic loser babies and I'm too exhausted to look after my family, let alone contemplate blogging. (Unfortunately it wasn't the getting a life one.)

Her sleep has improved alot in the last week or so, which I am SO GRATEFUL for! I've actually got energy to see people - we've organised a playdate for next week, and we had a lovely morning at the pool today with some playgroup friends. Ah, life feels so much better when I'm getting enough sleep!

At the moment I'm uploading a pile of photos to a photobook site - I'm hoping to take advantage of the amazing exchange rate (with the US at least) and finally get our photos printed up into books. I love looking through our photos - so many funny and happy memories.

Just for fun - here are 2 pics, just to show how FREAKISHLY SIMILAR my 2 girls look!

This looks fun!

Natural dye for playdough - better put it on the must do list :)