Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cherry blossoms etc

I'm making a pair of longies for someone who wants a cherry blossom theme... woo hoo, how fun! The longies are turning out a little larger than I had planned (how did that happen?) but I'm hoping it will work out (I do have a plan!) and I'll be able to move onto the embellishments soon (the fun part!). I'm planning to blanket stitch on blossoms made from felted merino wool and probably make crotcheted stems / sticks for them to sit on. Have to *ahem* learn to blanket stitch first - can't be that hard right? Lol I'll be back here whining about it in a day or two!

Anway I need a place to dump some links to good photos of cherry blossoms, having never met one in person, so this will have to do.

Close up with pink centre

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Jeremy has woken up with a particularly nasty tummy bug :( Very very very not good - exams are next week, with several assignments due imminently as well. Poor guy - he's really sick. We'd appreciate prayer that he recovers quickly (and doesn't pass it on) and that he can get through the mountains of study he's supposed to be doing this week.