Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fun stuff

A couple of fun things we've done lately.... the pics are from a picnic in the backyard that the kids and I had the other day (Tues). It was a teddy bears' picnic (according to JJ) but most of the stuffed toys who came along weren't of the bear variety. "Cassowowwy" is a big favourite with both kids, so he/she was there along with Jemima and Monkey and quite a few others... I was surprised JJ could carry them all downstairs!

Yesterday the kids and mum and I had an outing to the Art Gallery... although we didn't actually end up inside the Art Gallery at any point. It was too much bother when we tried to explain to JJ that we were actually going to the State Library (which obviously sounded much more boring to her) so the Art Gallery it was! Not that she'd know the difference anyway! We walked from Southbank to the State Library (and back) and I don't think JoJo stopped talking for more than 2 seconds. She wants to know what EVERY SINGLE SIGN says and why - it was great to have mum there to share the burden of the constant explanations!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures of your children in the back yard remind me of a time long long ago when my boys were little (in fact I only had two then) and we would have lunch in the yard under the shade of the tree and all I had to do was wonder what I would cook for dinner. I will be back.