Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Jesse tree ruminations

I'm going to make a Jesse tree to help teach the kids about Jesus' ancestory and some of the main events in the Bible. (Here's an explanation of what it is.)

I'd like to take it further though - not just stop at Jesus' birth, but go on and finish the story. I think the kids would really enjoy having visual reminders of each part of the story, and I think it would be a great family tradition to start. Now I just have to decide how exactly to do it!

Any of my Brisbane friends want to join me? I've been thinking it would fun to get together and do our crafty stuff - this would be a great thing to work on don't you think? :)


Jo said...

Yes please : ) I was dreaming about it at the end of November last year and again had left something way too late... This would be a great time for me to start!

Donna said...

NAme the day Lucy :) I'd love to come and craft.

Suzanne said...

Can I do it via Melbourne? LOL I would love to make one this year too :) Ruth inspired me.