Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Just saw an ad for white Tim Tams. WHITE!!! TIM TAMS!! YUM! How amazing would that be?

Then it occured to me that they're not gluten free white Tim Tams.... oh no! It's one thing to realise you can't eat the things you love anymore, but for some reason I haven't really realised there will be amazing NEW things I can't try... waaaahhahaha.

Oh well, maybe they really will invent gf white Tim Tams one day - until then I'll dream about them. Or maybe I should get myself a real problem!


Katherine said...

Hmmm. I see your problem. Maybe you'll have to eat some sticky date pudding with balsamic sauce to try to ease the pain. It might take at least 2 servings before it helps though.

Rebecca said...

they're really not that fantastic (white chocolate tim tams). Go for some Fairtrade chocolate or organic white chocolate - now THAT'S a treat :)
dunno if it's GF though.

[first time poster on your blog - it's a nice blog :) ]