Thursday, 22 September 2011


It's me! I figured out how to use the self timer on the camera (only took me 9 months) and borrowed my Grandy's tripod. Now my kids will believe me when I tell them in years to come that I was actually around during their childhood!

Here is Miri with her Great-Grandy (of tripod-lending fame). We had a lovely visit with him this morning and M put him through his book reading paces. At 85 he's still hot stuff on the toddler entertainment front.

The kids had fun in the backyard this afternoon, and I love these shots of Joanna blowing bubbles.

We're really enjoying the school holidays at the moment. Last holidays were lots of fun, but tooooo busy, so it's just great to have a change of pace and relax a bit. We've been watching videos, playing in the yard and generally taking it pretty easy. Nice :)

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Knitty Noo said...

Wonderful shot of you and the kids! xo Noo