Monday, 9 January 2012

Xander is 5!!

Our dear boy is a whopping 5 years old!

He's as crazy as ever :)

He loved his Octonauts cake....

... and his Lego man cake!

I've never really got into the whole fancy cake thing (mainly because I never seem to have time - my own fault really for having ALL my children very close to Xmas!) but this year I thought I should get my act together, at least for the older 2 kids!

Five things I love about Xander:
* his great enthusiasm for music and books
* the way his voice gets higher... and higher ... and higher the more excited he gets
* his concern for people who are sad or hurt
* the way he thinks his "amazing" physical feats are actually amazing
* his very crazy and funny sense of humour

Happy birthday big 5 year old boy - we love you!

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