Wednesday, 19 November 2008

After the storm

It's a very strange feeling around our suburb at the moment. There are chainsaws and mulchers going all the time, helicopters flying overhead (news choppers having a gander at the destruction left by the storm) and when I went out this morning to take JoJo's kindy application form to the child care centre (my little girl is going to kindy! excuse me while I freak out) there were soldiers - SOLDIERS!! - and army trucks everywhere. Very bizarre. The CC centre J will be going to has had to delay its opening because it had a whole pile of trees fall on the roof of the brand new buildings. I'm just so glad it didn't happen on a day that the centre was open.

On the plus side everyone is being very friendly to each other because they have something to talk about. I've talked to more random strangers in the past few days than I have in ages!

The pic above is what we saw when we went to the library yesterday - that's not even a particularly dramatic example of the debris that's everywhere at the moment, but it was easy to photograph!


los cazadores said...

Glad you weren't harmed!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! You weren't kidding about the damage! Glad you guys are okay (cute story about xander, by the way :) )xxCaroline