Sunday, 7 December 2008

Questions #1

I've been thinking about the balance (or lack thereof) that I manage to achieve in my life. Last week I wrote about some of the things I do and don't do, and since then I've been thinking about how I should be deciding what I use my time for. Alot of my decisions have been made without alot of thought and I thought it might be helpful for me to think a bit more clearly about what I'm doing, especially with a new year looming.

I've been thinking about how I can know whether or not I'm doing "enough" for my family... what things should I be looking for to let me know I've got the balance right (or wrong?).

I'm realising that the Bible itself isn't terribly prescriptive about exactly what a person in my situation should be acheiving. Actually it isn't very "acheivement" focussed, as far as I can tell. Maybe it will help if I think about the different things I'm resposnsible for on the home front and look at what I should be doing according to the Bible, and think about how I'll know if that's happening.

I'm just going to think about my responsibilities to my kids tonight because I'm so tired and I can't get blogger to save a draft!

I'll jot down my thoughts.... feel free to disagree or add your own ideas :)

I need to teach them about God (eg Deuteronomy 6:7), love them (Titus 2:4, if I need a reason!) and teach them to be obedient (Ephesians 6:1). It's interesting to me that the Bible doesn't say my job is to make them happy or confident which seems to be what alot of people want for their kids (not that I don't want it, YKWIM).

So the questions I should probably be asking myself are
* Do I have time to teach my kids about God?
* Do I have time and energy to make learning about God interesting?
* Do I have the mental energy and time to answer their questions, or am I too busy thinking about other things to engage with them properly?
* Am I loving my children, or am I so busy that their needs irritate me?
* Do my kids feel loved? Do I have time and energy to do the things that matter to them (eg JoJo having her hair done in 4 plaits, which often feels like about 4 plaits too many to me!).
* Do my kids seem loved and cared for to other people? This feels important to me, but I'm not sure if it should be.
* Do I have the patience to discipline my kids without getting angry and frustrated? Am I making it hard for them to be obedient by taking them to too many "things" so that they are getting tired and cranky?

There's alot of other stuff I'd like to do with or for my kids, but I'm thinking the things listed above should be my highest priorities. I can see I've got some work to do! Better get to bed :)

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Jodie said...

Thanks again for your wise words Lucy and I've enjoyed having a read of some of your fave blogs again tonight. All inspired - let's be purposeful and strategic : ) Let's model and teach our kids about Jesus well.