Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Busy busy

I've been super busy with some really fun knitting / crocheting over the last month or so. Thought I'd quickly put up some pics before I forget because I've given / posted most of them away already. The pants above are made from my super gorgeously soft organic merino. They were such fun to make and I think I'll be doing a similar pair next winter for a special new member of our family :)

I did these cute under the sea pants for another custom order. They're made from super thick Cascade Ecological Wool - should be great for winter and nights :) I made felt for the fish and stitched them on. Always fun to do something new!

This little kimono was for a special new baby at church. I haven't made this style of top before and it was super easy. I had plenty of knitting time up at the hospital - the bright spot in an otherwise pretty stressful day!

Here's a quick pic of some tiny newborn longies for a recently born baby - they seemed to take forever to make even though they're so small. I think I'm not used to 8ply anymore!

Last but not least, here's the first garment I've knitted for T3 (ie the new baby)... I had boy yarn and girl yarn dyed so I could cast on straight after our scan. I suppose you can guess what the result of the scan was! This nappy cover turned out HUGE! I don't think she'll be wearing it for awhile! Loved the pattern though (Vanilla soaker) - totally my fault that my gauge was off! Better too big than too small though I always say!

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Jodie said...

Well, you are a machine, they're all gorgeous x