Thursday, 16 July 2009

Owl bag

My sister wants to see my new (actually not so new) bag, so apologies to the rest of you, but bear with me :)

It's made of navy corduroy and lined with this lovely bright blue quilting cotton:

It has a very dodgily sewn inside pocket and phone pocket - I wish I'd taken a bit more time over those bits but I was a bit over it by the time I got to them. Maybe I'll unpick them sometime and fix them up. Ha ha ha or not.

Here's the whole bag:

And my little applique owl on the front:


Anonymous said...

Hey lucy, this looks really fabulous! I love your little owl - how did you do the applique? Is that bits of wool on his body? Looks really really cool!

Donna said...

Gorgeous! You clever chickie

Lucy said...

Thx Donna... although don't look too closely at the sewing! You're a bit more of a nifty sewer than me (I broke your machine remember LOL!).

Anon... how did I do the applique? I drew what I wanted it to look like and cut out all the diff bits out of that sticky iron on paper stuff as well as the colours of fabric I wanted, then used the iron to stick it all together in the right spots and just sewed around the bits with a straight stitch a couple of times (my sewing is too dodgy to do it just once - sewing a few times hides your mistakes!). The eyes are pretty bad because the layers ended up too thick for my poor ancient machine - I just kind of held my breath and let it sew where it wanted to.

Technical stuff hey? No wool involved - just bits of cotton fabric :)

Suzanne said...

Oh wow, how cute is that :) Well done :)

Cat J B said...

Oh that's very cute, love that little owl!