Friday, 26 March 2010

More cooking

Since Joanna's coeliac diagnosis I spend ALOT of time cooking. Bought gluten free food is hideously expensive (I'm talking about products that use gf flours, not the stuff that just happens to be gf) and not usually very nice.

In a typical week I now cook breakfast 4 or 5 mornings a week (only boiled eggs or pancakes - nothing too exciting!) and try to plan dinner to have enough left over to do lunch the next day. I go through cycles of being ok with all the extra work (extra when compared to my previous gluten consuming life) and cycles of feeling like I would rather gouge my own eyeballs out with a rusty fish hook than cook anything. ever. again.

I try to keep extreme fed-up-ed-ness away by trying new recipes fairly often. I find that I'm particularly keen to find good recipes to replace foods that Joanna might otherwise not get to have.

We had these burgers tonight with the bread rolls from this book (best gf bread recipe I've found, and boy have I tried a few!) and it was great, except that I'm pretty sure I'm not tolerating the xanthan gum in the bread recipe well. Arghh! The bread still tastes good without it, but doesn't have much spring to it. Looks like we'll have to put up with that though.

I've also cooked a few things from the Women's Weekly Gluten and Allergy free cookbook - the banana bread and the pizza scrolls are really great.

I'm always on the lookout for new things to try - does anyone know of anything that's worth a go?


Tasha said...

gs gluten free flour which you can buy at coles or woolies. It's a bit exxy at around $6 for a kilo BUT it is yummy to cook with!! I can't use soy products so this was a godsend. My favourite is cupcakes with it ;) The San Remo gluten free pasta is nice (though has soy) and they have different pasta's in their range plus lasagna sheets. Is there anything specific you are looking for? ;)

Lucy said...

Thanks Tasha :) Cupcakes sound yummy - haven't made them in awhile. Always a crowd pleaser though. Not looking for anything in particular, just any good recipes I might not have come across :)

Jodie said...

I often think of good recipes for you and don't do anythimg about it(sorry) so here's one of our fave's we're having tonight.
Sago Potato Cakes

5 lge potatoes
300gm sago
!/2 cup chopped peanuts
!/2 cup chopped coriander
(optional chopped chilli)
3 teasp grated ginger
tabs oil
2 teasp cummin seeds
1/2 teasp tumeric

-Boil potatoes in skins and mash
-Stand sago in boiling water 10 mins only then drain
-Heat oil and add cummin and tumeric
-Mix everything together
-Shallow fry heaped tabsp full -YUM

gabriela said...

you can replace xantham gum w guar guar..or so i've been told... also learned that xantham gum is made from maybe stay away from corn : (