Monday, 8 March 2010

Three months!!

The newest member of our family is three months old today (unless you count the cockroaches, dust mites etc - which are sort of family members in that they live in our house and eat our food - which are probably less than 3 months old) and being the bad bad blogger that I am I haven't even posted about her yet.
She is the most gorgeous and lovely baby... no, I'm not biased, she really is! She's cuddly and smiley and happy (or maybe it's that the general cacophony around here drowns out her crying so I don't notice it) and generally good fun to have around. Mind you she doesn't have much to complain about - her older brother and sister make it their life mission to keep her happy and entertained.

She's just learned to grab things (usually with a look of great surprise on her face that there is SOMETHING IN HER HAND!) and loves lying under her toy frame or in the bouncer, swatting at the toys. She's quite happy to do this for a long long time - I'm hoping this is because of her placid nature, not just because she has the memory of a goldfish and doesn't realise she should actually be incredibly bored. She adores the baby in the mirror and reserves her best smiles and squeals for her. I'm sure she thinks she can talk - she will have quite a prolonged conversation with anyone who's up for it (esp the baby in the mirror) and actually says "goo" which I think is funny!

Oh yes and she has a name - Miriam Susanna, which I like (obviously) although I have had some strange reactions from other people (including a long story about someone's horrified reaction when someobody else called their daughter Miriam - not sure quite what they expected me to say!!). What else? She is a giant baby (7kg exactly at 12 weeks) and has a very pointy head which I'm sure is because she needs the extra brain space.

Ok enough blathering on, here are some pics. I'm currently between computers with regards to pics, so these will all be recentish ones. Maybe I'll post some newborny ones later.


Struggling to lift her massive cheeks


Melanie said...

She is gorgeous Lucy (and btw I like her name). :)

MGlatte on NC

Noo said...

She is sooooooo gorgeous! You guys make beautiful babies :) And I love her name!

Cathy/Mum/Nanna said...

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious?

Anonymous said...

wooooahhhh... Lulu is only 7.2 kg and she is nearly 8 months! Seems like you got all the chub... I'm feeling a bit jealous! xxC