Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More kid stuff

This is one of Miri's favourite silly faces :)

Miri is absolutely obsessed with climbing stairs at the moment - lots of fun for her, lots of stress for me!

Xander was given a red 4 yr old sized bike for Christmas, but he is not very interested in riding it - he'd much prefer Joanna's, which is very pink and far too big for him!

Now that we have our new super camera, the kids are allowed to use our old compact. We bought the camera just before Joanna was born so we could take photos of our kids - now they can just do it themselves and cut out the middle man / mum!

Joanna turned 6 yesterday!! (It was also the first day of school!) She is growing up into such a lovely girl - it's a real delight to have her in our family.

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Ali said...

She is indeed a gorgeous girl, as is lovely lovely Miriam with her fabulous funny face. I'm so glad Xander likes the pink bike, it's got tassels and who doesn't love a good tassle?