Sunday, 24 April 2011


There is only one morning in the year that the kids are allowed to have chocolate at breakfast, and this is it!

Joanna was extra excited because her 2nd loose front tooth came out eating her rabbit, so now she is really gappy, and has a proper lisp!

Xander ate his whole rabbit today! (I love Miri rubbing her eyes in the background of this photo!)

After we washed off most of the chocolate we went to church and heard a great talk by Derek about the importance and uniqueness of Jesus' death and resurrection, then we had a picnic this afternoon with some friends. The kids had a wonderful time (and loved the easter egg hunt!). Xander really enjoyed climbing, which he doesn't usually, and Joanna decided she likes long distance running and kept doing laps around the oval (she doesn't get that trait from me!). Miri spent her time falling off things, pulling things out of the bin and getting soaked trying to drink from the tap. A fun day!

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