Friday, 8 April 2011

Stuff about the kids

For a long time I've been meaning to keep track of what the different kids are up to, but haven't got around to it. I've got a minute now so I thought I might as well jot a few things down. If you're not a member of my family you'll probably find this incredibly tedious, so you have my permission to skip my ramblings :)

#1 child:

Growing up so, so fast. She is really enjoying school, and has alot of fun with the kids there. I think the schoolwork is a tolerable but unnecessary interruption to lunchtimes as far as she's concerned! She has an amusingly wide vocabulary ("Mummy, why is that lady looking so grand?") and now pronounces nearly everything correctly (much to my disappointment), except that she often replaces "f" with "th" - maybe just to be perverse because so many kids do it the other way? She is a real stickler for rules and doesn't hold back from making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be. She is about to lose her first front tooth and makes J and me wobble it several times a day (shudder).

#2 child:

He is such a fun person to be with (most of the time!). He loves stories and always comes to listen when I'm reading even the most tedious books with the kids at school. He adores building and making things, and spends ages tying things together and sticking them with sticky tape. He will spend a very long time playing with blocks, but usually to make pictures with them, not buildings. Eating is still an issue with him, but less of an issue than it was this time last year, and we are still working very hard on basic behaviour issues with him - let's hope we get there in the end!
Child #3

She's such a little cutie, but starting to show her feisty side! She has a few words now (Daddy, Xander, JoJo (not really Mummy though!) ball, book, bubbles etc) and is changing so fast. She loves to ride her little scooting trike at high speeds around the house and is generally a real thrill seeker - if it's fast and crazy and a bit scary, she loves it. She loves baby dolls and adores her special "Baddy", which we had to get her as she was getting a bit too attached to JoJo's special doll. Sleep is still an issue and she gets sick approx every 5 mins but on the whole she is an absolute delight.

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