Friday, 20 June 2008

My little helper that actually helps!

Woo Hoo... look at my new homemade revoltingly ugly skeiner! Got the instructions (not that you really need instructions!) here and bought the chair today at the op shop. The trick is to get a chair with removable wheels because your prongy bits have to go in the wheel holes. It also needs to spin really easily.

I'm pretty happy with the result. It's really easy to wind the wool into skeins, but not so great to wind the wool off. It doesn't spin freely enough for the ball winder to pull the wool off, which makes the whole process a bit more time consuming. It's still much faster than doing the whole lot by hand though! The wool in the pic is for a custom newborn jacket - a bit of a departure from my usual bright colour schemes, but I think it will be very cute when it's all crocheted up!

Update 21/6... I've used it again today and found that the problem with winding from the swift was that I was trying to wind the wool while it was still damp (to reskein it). Today I waited until it was dry and it worked beautifully!

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