Wednesday, 4 June 2008

When the day began with JJ being as white as a sheet and complaining of a sore tummy I didn't have very high expectations of how the day would work out, but we actually had a very bearable time. JoJo started to feel much better and mum came over and took the kids to the park which gave me a chance to catch some zzzzs (I've got an unenjoyable virus - fun). In the afternoon the kids played with some bubbly water on the front deck, and JoJo spent nearly all afternoon (and evening as proven by the pic above!) attached to her new umbrella from Nanna. She even wanted to take it to bed with her!

Jeremy's car isn't going at the moment, so we've driven down to get him the last 2 nights. The kids think it's quite an adventure! When Jeremy arrived at the car tonight JoJo was calling out "Daddy, Daddy!" and Xander was yelling "Train, train"! Nice to see he's got his priorities right! When we get home and it's dark Xander is very impatient to get out and see the streetlight outside our house - he insists it's a star!

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