Monday, 2 June 2008

Playschool concert

We were so grateful to be able to go to the playschool concert. We'd booked ahead and then Jeremy was hit hard by a very nasty tummy bug that has been doing the rounds at church. We were praying heaps that JJ wouldn't catch it because I knew she'd be absolutely devastated to miss the concert, and I was sooo grateful she was well this morning and we could go :)

She did cry and cry for ages before it started because it was so overwhelming, but warmed up and really enjoyed it. Her favourite part was when Potato (Tao!) said "can you get me some water because I want to wash my hair". Not sure why that was the best bit, but there you go. The worst bit was apparently when the man said "Ladies and gentlemen" (the announcement to turn off mobiles etc before the show started).

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