Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Goodness Gracious great balls of ..... felt!

Of late I have become just a little besotted with felt balls ... they are so lovely to look at and feel so nice to hold, and they even bounce (a bit!).

The kids have been having a great time playing with the ones I've made them (not the ones in the top pic - they get the trial ones!). JoJo has made up all sorts of complicated games involving multiple characters and scenarios, but Xander is more concerned with putting them in and out of containers, and trying to work out how to carry them all at once!


Donna said...

ooo lovely! PLease say you are going to be selling at least some of them!

Lucy said...

I don't think Jeremy would thank me if I kept all those balls Donna! I'm restocking my shop (on Ozebaby) to open Mon if I get organised in time and there'll be some balls of cuteness there :)