Friday, 31 October 2008


A couple of pics from our trip to Victoria last week - these were taken at a park in Daylesford.

The first one is JJ with the baby doll she played with constantly at Roger's house. She called it "Good Girl Good Girl" because all of her toys have 4 names at the moment (eg her doll called "Milla Nilla Milla Nilla" and her dog called "Riffy Ruffy Chewy Wewy"). I seem to have alot of photos of my kids at the top of a slippery slide... maybe it's because it's one of the only times they sit still!

The 2nd one is Xander with the "bewful fwowers" in the park. He was quite besotted with them.

The last one if of the the kids at the pump for the mineral spring water. That stuff is foul - JJ seemed to find it funny, and of course X thinks JJ laughing is hysterical!

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