Friday, 31 October 2008


Awhile ago I mentioned that we were making some decisions.... well, one major one anyway! Hopefully next year Jeremy will be studying Theology at QTC (if he ever fills out the application form). I'm really excited about it - I feel it's going to take our family in a much better direction ... not that I was ever that into the whole IT "thing"!

There were a few things that brought us to this point:
* We're both Christians (well derr!)
* We want to use our lives for something more worthwhile than than the "make as much money as possible to have as nice a life as possible and then die, hopefully with lots of money to leave to the kids" thing that seems to be what you're "supposed" to do.
* Jeremy is a great communicator and explainer-of-interesting-or-hard-things and he'd prefer to use those skills to share the great news about Jesus than working for a bank.
* This year absolutely sucked in terms of working hours and family life. I mean it was really. really. bad. Something that's put us off the studying thing before is the fact that it could (will!) be hard to juggle study/work/family, but we figure that it can't be any worse than this year was!
* There's finally a college in Brisbane that is worth going to. Previously the only colleges we would have considered were in Sydney, and frankly I would rather poke needles in my eyes than move to Sydney (sorry Sydney people).

So there you go. We're not sure what will happen when the study is finished.... the 2 most likely options at this point seem to be either working overseas in a theological college that's getting started or being a "normal" (ha!) minister in a Presbyterian church in Qld. Maybe we'll discover something else along the way that seems like a better thing to do.

It's only been a very recent decision, but we're both really looking forward to it :)


Russ said...

Now that is so cool!!! I was so hoping that was your news (I don't know why I though it might be). It's going to be an interesting crowd at QTC next year! I wonder if Andrew knows what he's in for.

Look forward to seeing you (or at least J) around next year!

Prue said...

No offence taken. I would feel the same about moving to Brisvegas. At least we don't have the likelihood of being wiped off the map by cyclones. ; )