Friday, 10 October 2008

My back is stupid

Can I have a new one please please please? Anyone have an old one they could donate? Any offers gratefully accepted :)


Prue said...

I'm still using mine. But you can have it when I'm finished with it. Hope yours is feeling better soon.

Lucy said...

Thanks Prue, I might just take you up on that! :D

Austories said...

Yeah, it's hard to put much into anything without a good back. I can remember getting out of bed one morning and looking like an upside down capital L. I couldn't imagine doing many performances like that so I set off on a journey of backonians. One, an Italian surgeon with marble everywhere in his surgery wanted to operate, but I persuaded him that physio would be a better first step. Actually it was Pilates that saved my bacon and I don't know why but every now and then my back whispers to me in urgent tones 'Pilates' 'Pilates' and I've learnt to listen.

Like your site by the way,


Lucy said...

Oh that sounds promising... I'm off to my first pilates session tomorrow and I'm hoping like mad it will do something! I'm learning not to hope too much though!