Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Did anyone else out there watch 4 Corners on the ABC on Monday night? What an incredible story! An amazing documentary "A Walk to Beautiful" about a Fistula hospital in Addas Ababa, Ethiopia screened, and it was an incredibly moving and inspirational piece. It really put into perspective how safe and comfortable and priveleged my fairly run-of-mill life in Australia is, and it just seems so wrong that my family spends more on unnecessary stuff in a year than it costs to completely turn around the life of an Ethiopian woman. Check out the hospitals website... it's great stuff!


Prue said...

Yes, it was a great story. You might be interested in reading "The Hospital by the River" which is about Catherine and Reg Hamlin's story of setting up the hospital. It's a great book.

Grand Purl Baa said...

I saw it. I cried and cried. And thought like you how lucky we are by accident of birth. On another note, I happened on your blog via your comment on Steve's poem. I LOVE the music. It has perked me right up. I was already pretty perky but.... anyway TA.

Lucy said...

Awwww thanks GPB :) My hubby hates the music .... I'm glad someone likes it! :D