Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day

We had a happy Christmas morning... got our annual "kids in front of the tree" photo then opened presents and rushed off to church.

Back home to assemble some toys and grab some food before we went to Lynn's for lunch.

Miri took some time out to look through our family photo book from 2011. She loves seeing pictures of her little cousins.

Playing Angry Birds is much more fun when your own Angry Birds are helping!

Christmas is alot of fun when you have a crazy playmate. The boys have been having a terrific time together.

And lunch was delicious!

There's nothing like a special Christmas Octonauts episode to make the day complete.

We all enjoyed the swimming pool....

... even Jeremy, who kept being shot into the pool by boys with water pistols!

The new car racing track was a huge hit with both of the boys.

Miri didn't seem so keen though!

Lynn, Jeremy and Phil enjoyed looking through and album of old photos that Phillipa had put together, before we took our incredibly overtired and overwrought children home for bed (no photo due to overtired and overwrought condition of children!).

We had a lovely day - hope you did too :)

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