Sunday, 18 December 2011

Happy Birthday Miri!

Wow - our little Miriam is 2 whole years old! Although if you ask her, she will insist that she's "seben". Her birthday co-incided with break up day at school so I'm sure she thought the big party was put on just for her! She was really cranky on her birthday (unusually for her) so these photos are from the following day when my Grandy and Jeremy's mum came over to have morning tea and a cake. Miri was so excited to get some dress up clothes of her own and be a "pretty ballet" complete with sunglasses. Quite a sight.

She has really got into the whole birthday thing and constantly sings the "happy birthday" song to random family members (present and absent) and inanimate objects.

Happy Birthday sweet little Miriam.


Swift Jan said...

Naawwwww happy birthday lovely girl xoxo

Noo said...

2 already? No! Oh my goodness. She is just gorgeous, reminds me so much of JoJo :) Happy Birthday Miri :)