Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Family + fotography = fun

My brother's family are in town for Christmas and we had a lovely day with them today. Alex works in a lab that has a macro lens that I got to play with (mostly unsuccessfully!) today...

(This is my favourite Xmas tree decoration - made for me by some lovely ladies from church a few years ago.)

We went to visit the insanely mega-decorated Xmas lights house near us in the evening. Since our last visit they won first prize in the Xmas lights competition for my city. Fortunately we arrived very early - the crowds on the way out were out of this world!

(This photo is my brother photographing little Sam through some of the lights .. in case it's too dark to see!)

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Grandpa and Nanna said...

Lovely to see the four cousins having fun together again - we miss you all!