Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

I'm feeling like one of those craft-blog mums because we actually got round to doing a craft thing that I'd been promising the kids we'd do (unlike the 17 other projects I've been promising them we'll do that it is 99% certain we will not get around to).

We made salt dough ornaments, gluten free style.

Here is Xander, eyeing off the artisically lined up dough balls (told you I was a craft-blog mum!). I think he wanted to eat it. Actually I know he wanted to eat it, because he polished off a fair quantity before I intervened. Apparently it tasted pretty good, which is just as well because it was pretty darned crumbly, except when we added a bit of water, at which point it turned into a horrible hand-coating sludge.

I'm going to try a different recipe next time - one that adds hot water to cornflour (ie cooks the cornflour) and has some oil, because this recipe really wasn't that great. We had a good time though, and the kids persevered for quite awhile with it. Here are the ones Xander made completely unassisted - a very good effort for him! (You can see the crumbly mess the dough made on the table!)

And here are the ornaments in all their glory on the tree. They turned out pretty well considering the un-promising dough we began with. The kids are very proud of them!

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Nanna said...

Well done Xander and JoJo - and I'm sure Miri was an invaluable little helper too!