Friday, 26 September 2008

Fun with Colin

What excitement!! The Colin Buchanan concert on Wednesday was excellent and the kids had a ball (after JJ stopped screaming and begging to go home because she was so overwhelmed by it all!). Jeremy got the morning off to come, and Lynn came too, so it was a far less stressful experience (for me) than last year. I love the pic of the kids watching the concert - X was too excited to sit on my lap to watch, but too short to see properly when he was standing up, so he spent half the time straining to see over the seat in front!

Instead of being literally last in the queue to see the man himself after the show, like last year (that was a fun hour!) we were actually first in line - woo hoo!

JoJo has a thing about wearing 4 plaits all the time at the moment (actually she has a big thing about the number 4 in general... "Mummy I'm going to smell your hair 4 times"... What the?) and she was very pleased when Colin liked them!


Nobody said...

Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind and encouraging comments. Isn't the internet an amazing thing? I've read "A Chance to Die" a few times, and no matter what stage of my life, I always find myself challenged to make changes. Plus it is so full of personal wisdom and wit. She seemed to be such an opinionated woman, inclined to even be pushy, and bossy, and impulsive. I guess I relate, and marvel how God can use the most unlikely people.

Good that you are thinking this over while you are a young thing. Looking back over wasted years when your energy levels are dropping is no fun. But the adventure is never, ever over. We have folks in their seventies and even eighties, serving here at the camp. You never saw more energetic, peaceful folk. It gives me great hope for the future.

David McKay said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for visiting

Colin Buchanan has almost saved my daughter and husband from going insane.

Their 3 year old, Jerome loves Colin, but hates car trips and was spending a lot of time screaming in the car [basically between the time the car starts and when it finally stops...]

Installing a CD player and bunging in 3 Colin CDs has changed everything.

David McKay said...

Oh yeah. Forgot.
I love a lot of Vaughan Williams.
Featured him in my annual U3A Music Appreciation course last year, which I run here in Bathurst for six weeks during 4th term.

Our local library has a CD of two Vaughan Williams' symphonies and a vote of thanks from the lovely Ralph [pronounced RAFE] himself, after the second symphony has died out.

He tells the orchestra what a great job they did, and ends with something like

Thank you gentleman ... and the lady harpist.

This sounds so bizarre 50 plus years on!

We lvied in Kenmore from 1977-80, while I was training for the ministry.