Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A moment in time

X is wearing his "pi'back" (piggy back) which he decided he just had to wear on the way up the stairs from the car (don't ask me why, he usually hates it). He didn't actually break the chair - it collapsed under JoJo quite spectacularly while she was talking to the boy next door - but he did spend quite awhile trying to fix it.

In the afternoon we had our first walk without the pram. X wore the monkey again and we walked around to the fruit shop, only realising far too late that I was not going to be able to carry much home! We saw a very friendly cat on the walk back, and luckily it enjoyed the kids' rather enthusiastic advances, but then JoJo cried half the way home because she wants a cat so much. Unfortunately for us, if we do get a cat it will have to be one of those hideous hairless ones because J is allergic to cat fur.

The kids had a great night with J - it's so different now that he's not coming home completely exhausted after work and he can play crazy games with them (not having a sinus infection seems to help too!).

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