Friday, 5 September 2008

What's working, what's not

* I'm trying to get the kitchen (and lounge if I'm feeling up to it) cleaned up and dinner semi-prepared at lunchtime. Before (this is the crucial bit!) getting to the computer. Having dinner half made makes a big difference when J isn't getting home till 6:40.
* X being weaned... not that I can go back now (it's been a week and a half), but it's good to know he's ok with it :)
* My joint is finally finallystarting to feel better. I've been in alot of pain more or less since I got pregnant with JJ, and have just found a great physio for pregnancy related problems. So far so good. I'm still far from perfect but it's great just to be making progress.
*Being pretty strict with myself about not having the computer on / doing woolly stuff when the kids are awake.

Not working:
* JJ's complete inability to eat independantly. I feel like I nag her constantly about eating and I hate it.
* Snacks for kids and me - they're eating far too many biscuits, but I can't think of anything else that a) they'll eat (quickly enough) and b) will pack enough of an energy punch to stop their sudden episodes of low blood sugar induced poor behaviour / emotional over-reactions. If you have any suggestions I'll all ears (or in this case eyes!).

I'll come back to this list in awhile and see if things have improved!

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