Thursday, 4 September 2008

Random facts

Okey dokey, I've been tagged by the fabulous Simone to share 6 random facts about myself and not being one to let the chance to talk about myself slip by, I thought I would seize the first available opportunity, even though I still have a tissue shoved up my nose to prevent computer drippage (see my prev entry... if you dare!). First, here are the rules:

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Also, my apologies to those of you who know most of this stuff already :)

1. I spent a couple of years as a kid living just outside a small village in Kenya. We had no electricity or running water and did correspondence lessons for school. We also got some unusual and exciting parasites and other diseases. At the time I thought it was all good fun and just accepted it, as 7 yr olds tend to accept most things, but now I'm amazed that Mum and Dad left their comfy Aussie life to take their 3 little kids to a disease-ridden part of the world to help get an indigenous church there off the ground. I think having my own kids has made me realise what a big deal it was... I'm not sure I could face it!

2. I am really, seriously, very bad at keeping in contact with people when I don't see them regularly. I mean really bad. I feel very terrible about this, and I'm making an effort to get better. It's a long slow road though.

3. I was a moderator on a big internet parenting forum for awhile (until a few months ago). I enjoyed it for a long time, but got completely burnt out in the end. I really love forums for the way they let you connect with people you would never usually meet, and I enjoy the exchange of ideas and opinions. I have learnt alot about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and health in general from that forum and I'm really grateful for that. It was a great place to see what people think about christianity (which is close to my heart) and to talk to them in a more open way than I would usually get a chance to. What I don't like about internet forums is that (some) people seem to feel that good manners don't apply online - I think people don't realise how hurtful their harsh comments really are. In a strange sort of way though I think it's good to see what people are really like... we pretend to be "nice" and "normal" to the people we talk to face to face, but online people seem to expose more of what's really going on in their heads, and it's not always pretty!

4. I have a degree in music composition (and a degree in early childhood teaching - doesn't that mean someone should pay me to be a mum?). For some reason though, all my creative energy at the moment is going on crocheting and yarn dyeing. Mmmmm yarn! I think the combination of small creative spark + lots of mindless repetition is doing it for me at the moment. When I get more time (read when J isn't completely overworked and I'm not completely exhausted as a result) I'd love to get back into music a bit more.

5. At the moment I probably get most of my theological input from listening to Colin Buchanan CDs.

6. I would love, I mean really love, to be in a bush band. I know that's shockingly daggy and I should probably be embarrassed, but there it is!

Yikes, now I'm meant to tag 6 people.... let me think!

Jacqui, Leisa, Courtney, Lesley, Tracy, Sue, and that'll do I think!


Prue said...

Hi again Lucy. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I see you are a bit of a yarn enthusiast - I can't crochet to save my life, but I do knit. I used to work in a wool and craft shop before I had kids. It was (almost) heaven!

Lucy said...

Oh wow, half your luck! I love the jumpers you knitted your kids, esp the one for your daughter. I have a thing about cables!