Friday, 9 May 2008


Had a great trip to the duck pond this morning with Mum. JoJo wanted to invite her, so she made the phonecall.... she's getting pretty good at it! Xander was quite overwhelmed to see all the "quack quacks" and both kids had a great time on the playground and feeding the ducks. JoJo even got to take a pic with Nanna's camera!

The kids had a ball with the new blocks this morning - there's a pic of X putting some together. He seems to have a greater talent for pulling them apart though. As usual the bag that the blocks came in is as big a hit as the blocks themselves... it's puppet cat's cage apparently!

We went to Spotlight before the duck pond *shudder* which was a harrowing ordeal as usual. I think I've got enough bits and pieces to get started on a dress for JJ though, which should be fun!

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