Friday, 23 May 2008

Some more pics...

A photo of X with Grandma at the park the other day. I'm sure Grandma found the demonstration of how to pour water very helpful!

We made muffins for Jeremy to take to work and the kids were very keen to help (ie lick / eat everything!). The photo is of JJ trying to kiss X to make him feel better after he had been crying (it was his own fault - he was pulling JJ's hair and she was understandably unimpressed!).

JJ and some friends at the playgroup morning tea at the park yesterday. We had a great time until X hurt his arm - he was really sore and I was pretty worried about him. Dad was able to work out what the problem was when I rang him, and he told me a magic trick to fix it - much to Xander's and my relief!

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