Wednesday, 7 May 2008

See I do love my daughter after all!

Wow I'm going beserk with my blog now - it's not even a whole day since my last post! I think something about the self indulgence of blogging appeals to me:P

Anyway, 1st pic... JoJo in her new beanie made by moi. She doesn't get much of my stuff, so I wanted to make sure she got a beanie. Note X in the background reading as usual!

2nd pic... our trip to the park with Nanna this morning. The weather was beautiful and the park is just amazing. I didn't think Nanna would appreciate me posting the pics I took of her! Not that they were bad, but you know how it is! Mum picked up the Bilibo (YAY!) this morning and JJ played with it in the sand at the park, and you can see her with it at home in the 3rd pic... she loves it and so does puppet cat apparently.

Last pic... the wool I dyed yesterday plus a couple of other balls. I"m meant to be making JJ a vest with the blue, but now the colour seems a bit much and I'm just not that inspired, not to mention that I don't have a pattern. The wool is lovely soft handspun wool I got at the op shop - $5 I think for about 300g plus some other yarn thrown in too. Bargain! Just wish I'd dyed it a different colour!

A fun night in store... I"m supposed to be teaching E how to crochet beanies, and we're meant to be choosing some lovely lovely Michael Miller fabric for her to bring back from the US. How to choose though?!? It's all too nice!

Alright computer time is up! Trying to save my wrist :)

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