Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Here's X modelling his new pair of funky pants. They protected his knees from a nasty graze in the swing incident on Sunday (pity I hadn't crocheted him a balaclava as well) and the wool is unscathed, surprisingly (although dirty!). Gotta love that BFL.

I had to put in the pic of X cuddling the sheet - awwww! He loves to cuddle everything!

I really need to take more pics of JoJo - it looks like I never photograph her! She's sick and not very photogenic at the moment though... is that a bad thing to say?!

The bottom pic is some wool I dyed for some longies for a friend's little boy - should be cute!

I'm really worried about my wrist though - it's quite sore and just feels 'fragile'. I'm trying to convince myself it's not the crocheting, but how can it not be, really? I bought a brace for it yesterday and I'm not sure if it's making it better or worse. I really really really hope I don't have to stop the crocheting :( :( :( Something else to pray about hey?

Oh. My. Goodness. My morning this morning was unbelievable. I'll try to type up the condensed version (because I think the computer may actually be the source of my wrist issues... wishful thinking?? Ha ha!).

Ok, we went to a toy shop to attempt to buy a Bilibo for the kids as a treat for being sick, being cute, me being bored, whatever. I wander around the shop for awhile, only to give up and ask for help, and then find that the woman AT THE COUNTER has just bought the last one. ARgghhhhhh!!!! They then ring around and find some more, at I'm SURE they said ***** shop. Ok, we drive to ***** (I get lost on the way of course). We wander around the shop for awhile and then say we want the bilibo that's put aside. The sales girl assumes a blank look and assures me that the other store never rang them... meaning that I was actually meant to drive to a completely different shop approx a million miles away. The sales girl assures me that it's only 10 mins to the other shop and draws me a map. Deep breaths.

Interlude... trip to scary toilets, buy lunch (grrr) at cafe, get in car to find that sandwich was made on Turkish bread which I can't eat (#@$*&^&) so I eat the delicious filling that cost me $6.50.

Attempt to drive to shop.... get somewhat lost, miss exit on inner city bypass, end up in completely wrong suburb, turn around, miss exit again, give up on that shop. Attempt different shop only to be forced to interact with snooty sales staff, who of course have never heard of the toy in question.

Oh, I forgot to mention that X fell asleep on the way to shop 2 and of course refused to sleep when we got home.

One of those days. The kids were surprisingly cheerful which I'm so grateful for, but my oh my it was an ordeal!

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