Saturday, 3 May 2008

Yay for eating!!

I know that this probably doesn't seem very interesting to other people, but I'm SO excited about our successful breakfast time this morning! X will usually eat about a tablespoon of weetbix and then chuck a big wobbly and get food everywhere as he dodges the spoon and refuses to eat anything more, and JJ is willing enough to eat.... if we remind her to eat EVERY SINGLE MOUTHFUL. I could probably cope just fine if she was like that every once in a while - I could probably keep it together even if she did it once a day, but every mealtime? I'm LOSING MY MIND!! If I didn't keep at her and at her and at her, she would sit there until it was time for the next meal - without eating more than a couple of mouthfuls. Arghhh!!!

Anyway, I asked my prayer buddy at bible study to pray about it, and J and I had a talk about it last night, and we've come up with a plan... JJ has to eat 3 mouthfuls in a row without talking, putting her spoon down, singing, making up a bizarre story with whatever props happen to be on the table. When she has eaten the 3 mouthfuls, she can have a short conversation, then it's time for 3 mouthfuls again. I can't believe we didn't try this sooner! Anyway, breakfast was great today - JJ seems to really get what's going on, and she ate really really well. I didn't feel like I was nagging her, and it was so much less frustrating for me. Xander even ate 3/4 of a weetbix - I could have fallen off my chair! God is good! :)

It's funny how such small things can have such a big impact on how I feel about parenting!!

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