Thursday, 8 May 2008

A pretty average morning this morning, but that won't prevent me inflicting my musings on blogland! Went to Kmart with my 2 snotty kids and got some megablocks, which X had loved at the cafe we went to on the weekend. I think my kids are too spatially challenged for Duplo at the moment, so we'll give the megablocks a go. X played with 2 of them in the trolley and obviously thought he was one clever lad for putting them together (we have low standards in our family!).

I've been reading a fantastic book over the last few days - it's called "So many books, so little time" by Sara Nelson, and I picked it up randomly at the library, so the fact that I've loved it is a real bonus! It's Sara's journey through a year of reading, which could have been mind-numbingly boring, but is actually very interesting and funny, and has given me a huge list of books to try to chase up and read - yippee!!

Some random sites I've been enjoying recently.... I've GOT to make some of these! So cute! Ruth's blog is lovely and it has made me more determined to put effort into my blog :) Here's some of the fabric that I ordered last night for E to bring home from the US for me. It was SO hard to choose! What can I say?? Amazing stuff!

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