Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's been ages since I last posted... how did that happen? Actually I do know. We had a pretty foul weekend (JJ got an ear infection, just to liven things up a bit and I was rostered on to teach sunday school which is normally fine, but the lesson wasn't that inspiring so it was a bit stressful and the whole weekend was generally pretty down and yuck). We did do a couple of fun things... went to a pizza restaurant with Alex and Katherine, which was fun, and had dinner with Mum, Dad, A and K on Sunday night as well. Mmmmmm I'm still thinking about mum's pistachio - stuffed lamb roast.

Anyway, I'm still trying to pick up the pieces from the w/e, but feeling a bit better (except for the cough that I"m getting... arghhhh!!!!). Oh and some of my wool fell on the laptop, so now I have no e or s key and I have to t press the wierd little knobbly bits to make it type!

Went to the park this morning with Grandma and Grandy + mum, Lisa and Kate. The kids enjoyed it - lovely weather!

I'm trying a new recipe for roast chickpeas - they're in the oven at the moment, so we'll see how they go. Hopefully well since I put 4 cans of chickpeas in! I've been buying chick pea snacks at the supermarket, but if this works out it will be a cheaper option for a very healthy and yummy snack. ETA they're quite nice but not actually crunchy, and probably end up costing about the same as the others (at least by volume). Not sure if it's worth it... might try one more time with dried chickpeas since they're cheaper than the canned ones. :)

What else? I've been getting a tad obsessed with a particular method of dyeing that I've been using to make some rainbow bits and pieces. I'll put up a pic of part of a special pair of small longies that I'm making to sell when I get enough things together to restock properly. I wish I could have made these when JJ was little! I told J we'd have to keep having more kids until we have another girl just so she can wear them. He seemed convinced! :0

Tee hee I've just realised that the pic I attached looks like a freaky pregancy test - no I'm not trying to tell anyone anything!! :P

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