Monday, 12 May 2008

Puppet cat and more

I managed to get some fun pictures of JoJo and her precious "Puppet cat" this morning. She's always saying "Puppet cat is such a precious toy isn't she?".

The other pics.. an orchid that JJ chose for me for mothers day, and my first (deliberate!) felting effort - some shoes for Xander. I think they fit pretty well, but I'll wait until he wakes up to try them on him properly (yes that does mean I tried them on him while he was asleep!). I used Nundle Woollen Mills 20ply undyed wool, and my own pattern... fun!

I had a nice mothers day yesterday, even though the kids and I were sick. It was a nice quiet day with some lovely presents (my fave was the loaf of bread Jeremy carefully wrapped for me!) and I started to feel much better as the day went on, and I'm pretty much over my cold now. The kids are both pretty sick still - had a trip to the Dr this morning and now I've got to get antibiotics into Xander somehow. Hopefully they'll be better really soon.

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